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I've been with Fridman Wealth Partners for a little over two years now. Their representatives are very intelligent and well-trained. I have never had a poor experience. My favorite thing about Fridman Wealth Partners is how passive the entire investment process is, coupled with the greater returns than most traditional investment firms."

R. Walton, Entrepreneur

I've had some experience investing on my own for personal accounts using several platforms including Robinhood and Stash. Fridman Wealth Partners is the easiest to use, everything is upfront and the availability for help is immediate. Any issue from general questions can be answered with ease. I know my money is safe, secured and managed all the time.”

Manuela Rey, Plastic Surgeon

My wife and I have had our investments managed by Fastow long before the birth of Fridman Wealth Partners. It’s great to see him build a company that represents the same values and strategies as he does. With such low fees, this platform is excellent value for the money.”

Joseph Hearst, Lawyer